If a Cybercriminal’s Gone Phishin’, Would Your Employees Take the Bait?

Use Phishing Simulation & Awareness Training to reduce your employees’ risk from phishing and other cyberattacks.

66% of cybercriminals rank email phishing as their attack vector of choice. 

Phishing is a serious threat to businesses.
Phishing has become the #1 attack method of choice for cybercriminals due to its high success rate. 

It’s simple enough to explain how to avoid email spam and other obvious attack vectors - but what if the attack looks like a message that they’d regularly expect from their contacts?

End users are the largest, most vulnerable target in most businesses. Your employees need to know how to spot a phishing attempt in order to avoid falling for one, and you need to know that they’re able to do so. We can help by phishing them for you.

How we can help.
According to the Ponemon Institute, organizations see a 64% improvement in phishing click rates with a security training program.

We’ll run quarterly phishing tests on your employees to help them practice spotting potential threats. Not only will they be informed of any mistakes they make, you will be told who among your organization needs additional education on the basics of phishing attacks.

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Other research has supported this, finding that 90 percent of successful data hacks and breaches originate from phishing attacks.

However, there are a few ways that these attacks can be spotted, if one is paying attention. Your business can have a firewall and spam protection, but sometimes these threats slip through even the most high-end security tools. Your last line of defense is to educate your staff.

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We want to help local businesses protect themselves from these targeted attacks, so we have a helpful guide for you to use. Reach out to We Define IT today to start a conversation on all of your options on how you can share these important best practices with your staff.

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